Allison Parente
Owner - Hair & Makeup Artist. Access Bars Practitioner /Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner

Hello there! Thank you for checking out my salon! My home away from home! Click on the link "read more" to check out my Bio & get to know me a little better! Shoot me an email or contact me via text 216-659-1758, If you have any questions or would like to book. Now accepting new clients again.

Hello!!! So here is a little bit about me and why I opened Vintage Rock Hair Studio! 

This industry is in my blood. I grew up watching my grandfather run his barbershop in downtown Cleveland . He was open in the old colonial arcade (which is now 5th street arcade) for over 50 successful years. It took me awhile to take the plunge and go to Cosmetology school. I always wanted to go but what gave me the push was my grandpa retiring at 82. He didn't want to retire but needed to and he was so heartbroken. This lit a spark for me. I thought, wait a second. Why don't I do that too?! I can be happy just like he was. I enrolled in the Cosmetology program at Brown Aveda Institute and I fell in love with this new career and it was perfect for me. AND I got to show my grandpa my skills and make him proud. I've been in the industry for a decade now and I can't imagine doing anything else. I realize every day that I am so lucky to genuinely love what I do just like he did. I know he would be proud.  

A big part of what we do as hairstylists is connection with our clients. I am a people person. The passionate conversationalist...that loves connecting with people, bonding with my clients and giving someone a reason to smile. The beauty of my career is that I get to see my favorite people in my chair every day, meet new people and create art. Trends are always changing and the industry constantly evolves to keep the passion alive. Nothing makes me happier than trying new things and giving someone a new look. Making my clients feel good is a top priority of mine. The experience is everything. This is also why I love having a big yet private area for my clients to be themselves. 

 I have a passion for all things beauty. Everything ranging from Skin and Makeup, Brows, cut and color, styling and extensions. I do have a special love for anything vintage. Whether it is makeup, hair styling, fashion or music. I am obsessed! I love incorporating elements from past era's in my styling.

 Pinups and Old Hollywood Glam is my ultimate guilty pleasure. AND.....Most of my clients know that I am a huge music fanatic. I love everything, but Classic Rock, Motown and Blues speaks to my soul. Growing up in a musical home, I fell in love with live concerts, the energy and what a simple song can do to our mood. It sparks creativity for me. It creates a fun or relaxing energy in the room for my clients. It creates the mood. This is where the "Vintage Rock "Hair Studio comes from.

The Journey

Back in 2014 when I decided to open up my own one chair studio at Salon Lofts I needed to come up with a name that fit my personality. I picked a few things and this came to mind because it fit my little studio perfectly. The walls were adorned with art and pictures of retro salons, beauties like Bettie Page and Audrey Hepburn..and memorabilia of rock n roll musical icons like the Beatles, Zeppelin and The Stones. Soooo, basically a modge podge of everything I loved . When other studios had perfectly placed decor and minimalist style. Here I was staring at my random inspiration and I loved it.  

Fast forward 1.5 yrs and I moved on to Sola Salon Studios right down the street. I moved into a bigger studio with privacy and the freedom to jam out to the music my clients and I loved!! It was a great place for me to grow for 2 years but I had an opportunity to open my shop in a storefront. I renovated the 52 yr old salon that was still stuck in a different decade, fell in love with the dream and all of the hard work but there were too many things pointing me in another direction. I needed to plant my roots. So the journey continued.

  And BOOM here I am with a beautiful space in Tremont with amazing lighting, expansive room to create and a cool hip neighborhood to be a part of.  Tremont is a whole vibe and I'm so happy it's been my  my 2nd home for almost 5 years!! I am so proud of my journey and so thankful for all of my clients that continue to support me and make my career so fulfilling! 

And so much has blossomed since moving here.  I finally bridged the gap between cosmetology and spirituality.  I am also an Access Bars Practitioner and Access Bars Facilitator. Energy healing with gentle touch on the head.  It is so amazing and my clients have felt and seen so much change. 

 I currently offer Access Bars Therapy in the salon.  I can't imagine a life without it. And it's been a beautiful journey helping people in this amazing space.  And I'm also teaching classes these days. All of this totally fills up my cup and is so purposeful for me. It's the perfect pairing with being a Cosmetologist . And i couldn't be happier!! What's possible if you could get your hair done and also recieve amazing Therapy that leaves you feeling lighter, happier and ultra relaxed!!?!